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They Want To Be Seen

They knew you were there. It'd have been easy to say something. In fact, you could simply tap a Quick Reaction and they'd know, "S/he noticed." Of course the savvy user knows who's seen their stories, but does that mean they've FELT seen? It's like this at work and in life sometimes, too. We walk by or work next to someone long enough and soon we're down to head nods and no real communication. And somehow, we're cool with that. Let's not be. A good leader knows that people want to be seen. They want to know that their work (which they FELT when producing it) generates some sort of FEELING (the leader's feedback or recognition). A good co-worker knows it, too. They're closer to the sweat spilled producing the work and could acknowledge it. Do. The story emojis teach us how.

It made us laugh or cry. We loved it or want more. It's fire (that's amazing). We celebrate with them. It was perfection (100). The Quick Reactions as they're called are good practice moving past "I see you" to "I'm here for you." Practice making the other person feel seen.

We can feel in real life, too. By the way, some say social media is real life. Get used to it. But when you're off-line, remember helping the other person feel seen is one way of proving you're not a bot.

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