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The Time I Knew It All

The time I knew it all.

How about that for an opener? Of course, that time has never existed. There were, however, many times when I was expected to and assumed the mantle of having all the answers.

I did so because someone with a good idea lacked the confidence to pursue it, so I loaned them my confidence to pursue it.

I did so because someone dreamed of doing something different, and I had a platform that seemed appropriate for them to pursue the new thing.

I did so because I believe in the good in people. I don't have to know all there is to know about you to believe in you.

That's way too many damn "I" references. Everything good is we.

Amanda Nastoupil (she/her) once asked me if I'd never known imposter syndrome. I think I answered no. People do, I get it. I haven't because it just wasn't a vibe for me. Mainly because I felt like I never belonged anywhere. I was just there on loan. Lending whatever I did have to whatever needed to be done. And one thing I had was the ability to learn. Still do.

We're all here learning. We're all playing a part. We're each good enough for the moment we're in, even if that means we'll have to rise to the moment.

So if there are times this voice sounds like one of a know-it-all know this, it's because someone needs that person in their life. Not to be the provider of knowledge and holder of wisdom, but to be the guy that knows failing won't kill you but that not trying might.

Will you ever know it all? NO WAY! But, you know what you need to know even it will never be enough.

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