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Please, Go Play

Please go play.

Did you read of the guy whose out-of-control work from home lifestyle almost killed him? His heart attack was the product of work being too accessible and owning too much of his mindshare.

Work often owns me, too. There’s plenty to do. This isn't new for me. As a boy, I’d go from chore to chore. Always doing.

Thank God for Mom.

“Stop your busyness,” she’d say.

“Go out and play! Ride your bike to Pete’s. Go play catch with Carlton.”

Fast forward to a lifestyle project I’m working on. A woman brainstorming with me said, “I don’t mean to explain guys to a guy (the irony), but one thing I know is that guys like to have fun. They play better than we do.”

I’ll take her word for it, but whether a man or woman, people don't always let themselves play.

It made me wonder, “do I play? Do you?”

We must. We can.

Play is so often when the best stuff happens. The best relationships from my life started during play and without a single heart attack.

Play may or may not include a ball or a bike, but it never involves a spreadsheet or email. Never a desk. Never a Zoom.

So, are you at your desk right now when you don’t really need to be?


So instead of googling "heart attack at work," listen to Mom.


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