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You're Ok

“You’re ok,” the sign proclaimed. And I thought about it all weekend.

I thought about how the people around us need to hear it. So simple, but absent from the soundtrack playing in some people’s minds.

They live with doubts of all sorts. Hell, we all live with doubts. But there are some among us who can help push those doubts aside, tamp them down, lower the sound they make, diminish the mindshare they consume.

It could be any of us, really. The sign was anonymous and yet relevant to a wide audience. Maybe the artist created it for someone in particular. We can, too.

“You’re ok,” we can reassure someone in any number of ways. Like:

You’re here and I’m glad of it.

You’re not too late to reach that goal.

You’re good enough to do this work.

You’re making a difference here.

You’re ready.

You’re important to me and others.

You’re made for this and more.

You’re better than you know.

You’re on your way.

You’re a friend.

You’re a good decision maker.

You’re doing good work.

You’re the real deal.

You’re making us proud.

You’re probably thinking this list could be longer. Look at that, you’re funny :)

The list too much for you? Ok, back to the top and simply, “you’re ok.”

Now it’s your turn. Find someone. You’re going to be good at this. You know who you are. You’re ok.

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