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It's not luck, it's like

A workday is full of things that people should be spending their time doing. In retail, their time should be spent doing things that will improve the customer experience and selling the product that anchors that experience. Right? If so, some of that time should be spent learning how to connect shared values and organizational values to driving those outcomes.

Sounds serious, but that doesn't mean boring. Important things can be fun. And here's an important thing, likability.

Now you're saying to yourself, "Oh, so Tim's new project is about people liking each other at work. That's nice."

I hear the implied, "That’s cute, but it’s fluff.”

It is kind of cute, but it’s not fluff.

Feeling good about the people you work with and being likable leads to better performance. I could drop a stat in here, but we all know the axiom “people do business with [buy from] people they like.” That said, the savvy storeowner is going to spend her time developing the likability of her people.

Being likable is just good business, and it makes things more buyable.

Customers are smart. They feel the tension when people aren't getting along at work. Even before it shows up in the service, the customer senses it. "Gosh,” she thinks, “if they don't like one another why should I like them?"

No like, no sale.

Liking one another starts with understanding one another. Understanding happens where there is common ground. That common ground can be found when we spend time with one another talking about likable qualities:

  • helpful

  • listening

  • courteous

  • friendly

  • creative

  • honesty

  • empathy

  • caring

​(the list goes on) then finding those upon which we agree, and practicing them with each other.

Hey, it takes lots of hard work and a little good luck to get people into a store. But it doesn't take luck to convert them to customers. It takes like.

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