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Do What You Love, With Others

Maybe we missed something in the earlier blog about Kanye and Paul. Sure the premise that brands need to have relationships with others to remain culturally relevant still applies. But there's also this - do the thing you love, connect with others who share your interest in that thing, and then go do it together.

Paul McCartney, the cute now 70-something Beatle, provides the instrumentation for Pop-Star Rihanna's newest single, FourFiveSeconds. Once accused by songwriting partner John Lennon of writing silly love songs, McCartney is now playing simple melodies remeniscent of those by gone days.

Nevermind those who lament Paul's association with stars they consider more infamous than famous. McCartney has a lifetime association with music. He's delighted in playing it since before The Beatles, through several reincarnations as a band member and solo artist, and now into a new generation of relevance through his very best tool--collaboration.

Paul loves what he's doing and is never better than when doing it with another. See John, see Linda, see Stevie, see Michael, and countless others.

Maybe McCartney's delight in music-making will transform those with whom he associates as they understand that for him it's not the money or the fame, it's the music. Or, maybe their youthful passion will flame his. Either way, know this:

Paul is deeply connected to his "why", make music that moves people.

And when he makes it with others, well, a whole lot more people are moving.

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