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Tim C. Nicholson

I work with executives, founders, and thought leaders to bring their visions to fruition and have been doing so across many business sectors for decades—from my professional beginning. I'm a listener and an ideation partner. I'm not here, as my Dad once described consultants, "to borrow your watch and tell you what time it is."

My skills help you go new places, to access new ways of thinking, and implement strategies with the intent to advance your mission and vision.Whether hyper-local or on a global scale, I've helped leaders bring positive change to their industry sectors and communities.


I've been among the disruptors, but as one of the good guys helping others navigate change.

Personal computers changed who can use information. I was part of the IBM team that introduced the personal computer.

The Internet expanded the community of those with access to information and platforms for their ideas. My partners and I launched the first ISP in Memphis, Tennessee. Then worked with some of the brands we've all come to recognize from their URLs.

Mobile allowed optimizing all the above from any place at any time. My team and I worked with AT&T and Apple to introduce some of the earliest smartphone apps.

And social media allowed every consumer to impact conversation and for every storyteller to be a media company. I was at SXSW when Biz and Jack introduced Twitter, then became part of the largest healthcare communications community online as a Top Voice in Healthcare Social Media.

Communities like that one continue to emerge in real life and online to the point where the lines are blurred, and everything is real life, only the venues change. So, I help leaders navigate physical and digital realms.

That's a lot of disruption and the short story of my career arc. Throughout, two essential things remain. People are people, and good relationships outlast fast transactions.

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Founder, Brand President

brother friend


Men have always had a sense of style. We're helping them refine it, be more comfortable with it, and learning together how to be the best version of ourselves as humans. A lifestyle shop, the brother friend store presents "fits right" fashion and grooming for men. A brand consultant, brother friend helps those hopeful to engage our shared demographic to establish long lasting relationships.

People and Brand Strategist
Mister Bernard
2014 to Present

Helping brands find their humanity, build community, engage employees, and market their ideas has been at the heart of a private consulting practice for the past several years. That's included work with public service organizations, premier women's organizations, and healthcare providers.

Notable: worked with executive leadership at local and regional service providers to change constituent perceptions of the public service offering and viability. Collaborated with a variety of service providers.

(Consulting) Chief Marketing Officer
Delta Zeta Sorority
2015 to Present

The Chief Marketing Officer is involved in every facet of the business. The visible pieces of my work here have revolved around branding, storytelling, digital platforms, and partnerships for community impact. Our work together has expanded their idea of meaning and extended their community through diverse alliances. Those partnerships have led us across town and all over the world. Who knew that women could help over 1,000,000 improve the quality of their lives through better hearing? We built a partnership that has done that and more.

Notable: worked with organizational executives, board members, and local and global health partners to raise awareness and provide access to services. Led implementation.

Founder,Chief Managing Consultant, and President
1999 to 2014

Founded an Internet agency that developed brands and marketing communications, websites, hosting services, built apps, and delivered digital solutions across numerous categories. A large segment of our customer base included women's organizations, healthcare providers, and community organizations.

Notable: developed brand and marketing strategy and tactics with local and regional healthcare providers. Guided implementation. These efforts helped to improve service utilization and patient satisfaction. We launched three local health awareness campaigns separate from our clients that helped build our rapport with the community and better understand theirs.

Strategist, Creative Lead


1997 to 1999

Internet business consulting to early adopters and premium brands including FedEx, (yes, the sock puppet), WebMD, and many notable others. My role included leading companies or company founders in transition to the new digital medium as their Internet Business Strategist.


Notable: WebMD pre-dates Google. Their goal then was to be the search engine for health. That's evolved considerably, but they became a household name.

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