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What if these are normal times? At least for now. They’re clearly not yesterday and whatever’s next is later. So how do we act if this is normal or while this is normal?

Maybe there are some ways to do now. How about these?

Let yourself feel what’s being felt now. Be human. If we don’t feel what is being felt now we can’t do what is needed for now.

Stop trying to repackage old ways. Trying to retrofit our old to serve a new? That’s not human. That’s a corporate attempt to squeeze more value from current assets instead of doing or being what people value now.

Make things for now. We don’t have to predict the future. Now will be with us at least until it isn’t. And those who’ve joined us in the now will go with us when next is ready. They might even help us make it.

Nobody is an expert in now. So, stop pretending to have the answers. Maybe you were expert in the then, but nobody is an expert in the now. Let your self learn something.

Repositioning you as a learner allows room for growth, mistakes, do-overs and relationships.

People like learners more than they like know-it-alls. Besides, you can’t possibly do better by others than to come alongside and grow as they do.

Let yourself feel. Stop repackaging then. Make for now. Become a learner.

Now is the time. (listen here)



Work can be a lonely place. It doesn't have to be. We all want to be part of something, but how?

Being Seen
We all want to feel seen. Sometimes it starts by being there for somebody. 



Free Taste via LinkedIn Post

Use Your Power

How knowing your power (e.g. personality, talent, skill) and how to use it in the workplace helps you and others get more done.



Pantone 2020 Color of the Year is Blue. And it's the color of leadership.

Brand Strategy

Consulting and deliverables around developing brand messaging, visual design, and brand direction for right now

Employer Branding

Employee engagement surveys and interviews, executive conversations, mission and vision review, core values review, strategic direction, training and implementation.

Digital Marketing

Strategy, content creation, design, implementation, and management for social media and other online marketing.

Born in 2000, this creative and web consultancy primarily served not-for-profit, membership, and healthcare clients. Bigfish provided branding, web dev, app design, social media strategies and marketing services during its 15 years. 


At its peak, this social media, public speaking and blog based company culture initiative reached over 500,000 followers a week. Both the audience and I learned a lot about what does and doesn't move people toward their professional best.

As Consulting Chief Marketing Officer for a 275,000 member sorority, my role alongside some of the membership world's most innovative women, includes branding, digital strategist, and marketing partner.

Mister Bernard  Stamp logo -04.jpg

Two men each at different times in my professional development shared their business savvy and leadership experiences with me. 

Each man was named Bernard. My branding, marketing, digital, and company culture services are offered in the spirit of their respect, wisdom, and integrity.